Brand Identity and Marketing

Your brand personality exists but may not always be conscious.      

Brand Psychology taps into archetypes, personas and the collective unconscious to cultivate strategy and storytell your meaning.     



Brand Archetyping is the foundation for being conscious about your brand position in the world. It is clearly identifying the inherent values of your organization to intentionally align all marketing activities and sculpt your brand consciousness.

Use Brand Archetypes and Instinctual Process to thematically target your brand identity and align your unique voice. 



With a clearly articulated brand consciousness and personality position, you can craft powerful Brand Personas to project your voice to your audiences, generate presence, and build deeper connections with others. 

Use Brand Personas to chart your course in the market, navigating social trends to influence collective attitudes.  

archetypes 33.jpg


Making meaning for the collective unconscious is communicating your inherent value to your audience through icons, symbols, and imagery which will engender loyal advocacy by tapping into instinctual triggers of behaviour.

Use Brand Storytelling to build memorable, captivating, meaningful, and indelible connections with your audience.