Brand Psychology and Strategy

Mass Effect Marketing is a professional practice agency specializing in the evolution of unique and personalized brand identities for our clients.  

Our Brand Personas approach, developed from significant research in brand archetyping, ensures confidence for our clients that every activity is intentionally aligned to execute transformative marketing strategies while fostering loyal advocacy in the hearts and minds of others.



We believe that brands are most powerful when they exhibit their true potential. They can inspire us to connect meaningfully with others if they are authentic, ethical and collaborative by design.

These values have informed all of our passion for brand marketing.


Human Centred Design

Through rigorous collaboration, constructive empathy, and reflective curiosity


Authentic Connection

Through open vulnerability, transparent honesty, and unfettered generosity


Meaningful Impact

Through drive of purpose, clarity of voice, and humility in leadership

Portrait by  Market Grade

Portrait by Market Grade

Tyler Massie
Brand Psychologist

Tyler is a business model development professional who is driven to foster meaningful relationships. He passionately believes that we find purpose for ourselves when we connect with others, and that brands have the power to be conscious influencers of a better world for us all.

Tyler believes that challenges are most often opportunities, healthy conflict will produce powerful results, and that collaboration is the most important ingredient of innovation.

With strong roots in the community, Tyler is a passionate advocate of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and an influencer of impactful change-making initiatives for our culture.


Associate Team


Julia Browning

Chris Massie


Brad Abel

Kris Hans